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How You Can Help

Churches, Groups and Schools

We have many churches, groups and schools that have supported and blessed us over the years either with prayerful support, donations and/or goods. Perhaps it's a long time since we visited you, or maybe we haven't met you as yet. We would be delighted to come and see you and share a little bit about our work also ways that you might be able to support us and also become more aware of the causes, effects and situations that the homeless and vulnerable face and how your support and understanding can make a difference.

In the not too distant future we will be looking to develop some education tools for use in Primary and Secondary Schools to assist with economic and social studies. If you are a teacher or head at a school we would be more than happy to come and see you.

Shelter in the redlight district Working producing meals at the Beacon Man working on the Allotment Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award