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How You Can Help

Corporate Support

Offering your staff the opportunity to work together and support Barnabus communicates your commitment to supporting a local community and charitable project. This can have such a positive impact not just on your staff and on morale but also with consumers and their perception of your company and values.

Perhaps you would like a team from your workplace to come and help at one of our projects or events, this is a great way for your team to develop and learn new life skills and give something on a personal level too.

Find out how Mec Global offered their support.

Corporate support isn't just about money or taking part in sponsored events, perhaps you have skills, products or services that would help us and compliment what we do.

Gifts in Kind, whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, agent, distributor or wholesaler - if you have surplus products or goods then you can help. You can also ask your employees to get involved and hold a week where they can bring in items from home.

Please give Carol Price, our Development Manager, a call on 0161 2378 3223 or email carol@barnabusmanchester.co.uk. Carol would love to hear from you and will chat through any suggestions or options for sponsorship, support and joint working.

Medical Suite 1 People being served from our soup kitchen Medical Suite 2 Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award