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Charity Skydive Sat 25th June – thrilling tandem skydive

Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run, Sunday 18th May, 2014

Take part in an exhilarating 11,000 foot tandem skydive experiencing and a 125mph adrenaline rush, back down to Earth at the highly acclaimed Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancashire.
We have reserved Saturday 25th June for our Barnabus Charity Skydive (please allow the full day as this event is weather specific).

Because like other charities we want this challenge to be accessible to all, we just ask for each person to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 and raise a minimum* of £350 for Barnabus. We do of course ask that you will make every effort to raise as much as possible from this sponsored activity.

Those who wish to, can also personally pay for part or all of their skydiving costs £230pp, ensuring that every penny raised through sponsorship helps the homeless. Contact Carol to register and find out more carol@barnabusmanchester.co.uk or tel: 0161 237 3223

* if the minimum sponsorship is not raised prior to the event, any shortfall will need to be paid by the participant.

Published on Friday 8th October 2010


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