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Warm Clothing Appeal on BBC Manchester

A charity has warned that rough sleepers could die on the streets of Manchester if more is not done to protect them from the cold.

Peter Green, who runs Barnabus in the city centre, said there was a growing number of people who desperately need a roof as the freezing weather sets in.

He says there needed to be at least 30 more beds made available.

The council however said beds were available and there was 'no reason anyone to sleep rough' in the city.

Mr Green, who has been working with the homeless for the past 20 years, said he saw a very different picture on the streets of the city at night time.

"People are freezing, the cold snap is extreme and we need extra beds. Many of them simply say to us, 'Please find us somewhere to live, please find us somewhere warm'," he said.

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Published on Saturday 4th December 2010


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