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Introducing our short film of personal interviews sharing an insight into our work.

We're pleased to introduce a short film capturing a series of personal interviews from the men and women we see at our city centre drop-in, street outreach and collaborative projects. The film also includes an interview with our project director and one of our volunteer NHS nurses, we hope this will give you a brief glimpse into how we're making a difference in the lives of some of the most destitute and lost in our city.

Please consider showing this film for us at your Church, Workplace, Group or School. Real life instances such as these can often breakthrough set perceptions or mindsets of homelessness, helping others to discover how their understanding, compassion and support for Barnabus can make a huge difference to the men and women we see.

We are so very thankful to Steve of Link Video for graciously producing and gifting us with this short film, for all of his time, professionalism and sensitivity and also to Scott Kershaw for the moving photography stills seen in the opening sequence. We're also incredibly thankful for the kind permission of all of the men and women who were interviewed and happy to share some of their personal stories.

Published on Tuesday 11th January 2011


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