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Greater Manchester Central Fire Service Blue Watch - Treadmill Challenge, 10K Run and Safety Sessions.

We first met the fire fighters from Blue Watch last winter when they blessed us with a very large donation of sleeping bags and duvets. Since that first meeting it was clear that they had a real heart for the homeless. When they're out on call they come across homeless people sleeping in places that often put them at risk; in empty, dilapidated buildings and bedding down close to canals, so they wanted to do as much as they could to help. These lads have become an absolute inspiration to us, they continually think of new and creative ways to support us in our work.

When they suggested running our 10K in full fire-fighting kit we couldn't believe it, they were absolutely awesome, goodness knows how they did it but we're incredibly thankful to them.

And, in the week leading up to our 10k they arranged a Treadmill challenge which took place at the Printworks; they raised 500 and trained for the run at the same time, genius! Very soon they will be launching some safety sessions at our Drop-in and who knows what they will think of next!

Thank you lads,you're awesome!

Published on Sunday 15th August 2010


Printworks, Manchester, Greater Manchester Fire Brigade

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