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Co-op get on their Bikes

A team of 25 colleagues from the Co-operative Food Property team in Manchester wanted to help us by organising a sponsored bike ride, cycling a whopping 60 miles from Blackpool to Manchester on the 11th September. Their enthusiasm and excitement was really inspiring; we supported them through training with messages of encouragement and prayers, supplied support material and posters for sponsorship and even Barnabus t-shirts too.

When the day arrived a team of us from Barnabus went to cheer everyone in as they arrived back into Manchester. It was an exciting moment and although it had been a long journey it was obvious from their faces and everything they shared, that they'd had a lot of fun too. We also discovered one lady didn't even cycle and borrowed a bike to take part!

We're so thankful and proud of everyone, what an incredible achievement - the amount pledged has already reached £3,675 and is still coming in, such a blessing!

Updated, 25th January 2011 - We're now at an incredible total of £4,032!

Would you like to organise a fundraiser or sponsored event, have a look at our HOW YOU CAN HELP section for some exciting ideas, you could do something on your own or with a group but whatever you decide we will support you in every way we can.

Published on Saturday 11th September 2010


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Cyclists on the Barnabus Co-Op cycle ride Man on the Barnabus Co-Op cycle ride Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award