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Beacon Drop-in now open 4 nights a week, June 2011

Vinelife Church has been actively helping the homeless on the streets for many years. They came in to see us because they were interested in finding out more about our work with the homeless. In addition they wanted to discuss if there was any way their street teams could connect to us, enabling them to provide additional support to the men and women we see.

After a few meetings and of course prayer we're pleased to announce that teams of people from Vinelife Church have also chosen to volunteer with us on a Friday night at our drop-in. Vinelife still go out on foot on the streets but in addition the homeless can find refuge at our drop-in for a very welcome extra night. They can now meet with our new volunteers and receive hot food, blankets, clothing, a listening ear and prayer if they want to. Time spent in our drop-in also encourages people to connect with us during the week, offering a vital chance to obtain help through our support workers, healthcare volunteers and to take part in our many classes and activities.

Published on Friday 15th July 2011


Vinelife Church, Barnabus, Beacon, Drop-in Centre, Manchester

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