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Announcing New Sessions at our Drop-in - Domestic Bliss, Photography for All, Ladies Only Social

Inspired by the response from our week of activities, we've put our heads together to consider inspiring new ways to help equip and further develop our friend's skills and increase their confidence.

Domestic Bliss

This session will help develop cookery skills on a budget, encourage healthy eating and hopefully instil some fun into cooking and spark a new passion for wanting to make good food. We'll develop recipes that are achievable, very often in temporary accommodation the facilities are very limited. We will work through budgeting, housekeeping and basic food hygiene. Everyone that takes part will receive a certificate and have the chance to eat their own recipes.

Photography for All

This session will help inspire our friends to look at the city, canals, parks, walkways and everyday life through the lens of a camera in a totally different way. We're blessed to have a professional photographer who is going to be on hand at some of the sessions to give top tips and inspire our friends to think differently. Our hope is that many will take part and would be encouraged in their new found skills by showing their photographs at open evenings and perhaps exhibitions in the city.

Ladies Only Social

A chance for our girls to get together, bit of pampering, cooking, swimming; the possibilities are endless, we're getting together with the girls to see what they want from this session as this is a time for them to enjoy, relax and have fun together.

Published on Friday 1st October 2010


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