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Greater Manchester Marathon Runners run 26 gruelling miles in punishing weather conditions, 29th April, 2012

The day of the Greater Manchester Marathon arrived and our first time marathon runners set off on an early start for their gruelling 26 miles run amid some punishing weather conditions. The rain was pouring down relentlessly all day and a biting cold wind delivered a wind chill factor of -2 degrees. The run started and finished in separate areas of Longford Park, Stretford, the park was pretty much waterlogged with places 3- 4 inches or more deep in water and mud. We were just the support team and were up to our ankles in it for most of the day, so goodness knows how our guys did this.

They started and continued with wet and cold feet on waterlogged and stream like roads and muddy country paths, they even had to run through hailstone at one point. We are full of admiration and so thankful to Gary, James* and Ken for all their determination and commitment to train for and complete this event. Every penny will provide a supportive life-line to the homeless and vulnerable in Manchester, we think you are truly amazing!

* James ran his first ever marathon in Paris two weeks before running the Manchester Marathon

We also want to thank Howard and Brian for their commitment to train for this event, unfortunately they both suffered injuries, we pray they will soon be back to full strength and ready to run again soon.

If you've been inspired by our runners, you can still sponsor them on their just giving pages, we met all our runners through our very own Heaton Park Running events, keep an eye on our events page for similar up and coming events or email us to be included on our mailing list admin@barnabusmanchester.co.uk

Published on Monday 30th April 2012


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