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Barnabus launches the Brick Appeal

Please support our Barnabus 'Brick Appeal' and help BUILD a better future for the Homeless in our City

We have been in our current drop-in for 12 years but have sadly outgrown these facilities. This has largely been due to the ever increasing rise in Homelessness in our city but has also been motivated by our continuing desire to meet the growing needs of those we support.

We're so thankful that we now have a sale progressing on our current drop-in and praise God, once the sale has completed, our buyer is allowing us to stay 6 month's rent free so that we can keep our existing drop-in open while we adapt another building for our use.

With your help, a new, larger and fully accessible drop-in will enable us to meet the needs of the growing numbers of homeless people in our city. Enabling us to offer broader and more effective structures of support, to help overcome individual circumstances and bring about long lasting change and transformation.

Target : £150,000 to adapt existing premises

You can buy virtual bricks by clicking here or go direct to www.justgiving.com/brickappeal. Bricks cost only £5 each, buy one, five, ten, twenty or a bundle

Every gift large or small is greatly appreciated and will help us rebuild and transform lives

A place of sanctuary, community, restoring dignity and aiding recovery

All of the money raised will all be used to carry out the necessary designs and adaptations to convert an existing building into a fully accessible drop-in. The new drop-in will also include our offices, health and wellbeing suite, private support rooms, as well as of course, drop-in facilities. We will have a much larger communal area which can have many different uses throughout the day and also in the evenings; offering an area for relaxed eating, classes and training.

We also hope to have a recreation area and of course we will need a commercially fitted kitchen, shower blocks and clothing/toiletry stores.

With your help, we can rebuild and transform the lives of homeless and vulnerable people in our City.

More ways to support our appeal

Please contact Carol on 0161 237 3223 to discuss any of the above or click here to send her an email.

All 'brickies'¹ will be invited to one of our special open days, prior to the opening of our new centre.
¹affectionate name for our 'Brick appeal' supporters

Published on Thursday 12th July 2012


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