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New Craft Sessions for 2012

Since February, we have had a lovely lady called Catherine coming in to run an additional craft session. Catherine is studying to gain a qualification in teaching adults and she offered to run some sessions to help make up her teaching hours. Since she had already taught a group of vulnerable adults, we wanted to give her an opportunity to see how well they would be received. She has turned out to be a wonderful teacher who tailors her sessions to the individuals who come along.

Some of the group are working on long term projects; one of the guys is currently half way through constructing a castle from miscellaneous household objects, while others have made all sorts of things from Valentine presents for loved ones to Bunting for a Jubilee Tea Party. The artwork is proudly on display at our drop-in centre and is growing steadily. The guys are really enjoying these sessions and we pray that they will continue long after Catherine has gained her full qualification.

Published on Wednesday 11th July 2012


Craft sessions, Beacon

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