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11 Out Of 10 staff complete Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fundraising Challenge

11 Out Of 10 staff complete Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fundraising Challenge

On the 22nd September a group of staff from Manchester web design and internet marketing agency 11 Out of 10 pushed themselves to the limits to climb the 3 Yorkshire summits of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, covering 25 arduous miles all in less than 12 hours. Praise God the team were blessed with beautiful weather on the day and we're very proud to confirm that they raised an impressive £1,460.00 We are so thankful for their support, enthusiasm and dedication for our work and of course the generous support of their sponsors.

Article courtesy of Vince Holt, Director, 11 Out of 10

11 Out Of 10 started in 2004 by Phil Newton and Vince Holt. We enjoy supporting local charities and have done this over the last 8 years whilst the company has been growing, typically sponsoring school awards, buying football shirts for kids teams, raising money for minibusses, etc.

However, we felt we wanted to partner a local charity, one that really needed the money to help less fortunate people than ourselves. One that we felt could make a difference to our city and life in Manchester.

When I was a teenager in the 70s, you saw tramps in the city, but no one begged – it was probably illegal. Clearly not all homeless beg, and not all beggars are homeless, but by helping the homeless (whatever their reasons for being in that situation) get back onto their own two feet, must surely remove many of the underlying causes behind the growth of street begging.

So it was decided that we should back a charity that helped the homeless get back on two their own two feet, in and around the Manchester area. But who do you choose! We wanted an organisation, who really needed help, who weren't too big to need half the funds just to pay wages, and were all inclusive in terms of who they helped.

We looked at half a dozen groups, but kept returning to Barnabus. I think it was the emphasis on getting the homeless back on their own two feet that really spoke to us.

The only thing that initially put me off was the God-speak on the newsletters (we are not a very religious bunch). However, it was the selfless generosity and dedication to the cause that came with Barnabus that convinced us that these people were genuine, and truly practiced what they preached.

That, plus the recognition that they look after homeless of all faiths, and the inescapable fact that finding a faith can help people to get back in charge of their lives again - made Barnabus our charity of choice.

This was rubber stamped with knobs on, after visiting Carol Price and looking around the drop in centre, and seeing just what they do for the homeless and vulnerable in Manchester on a shoestring.

I couldn't help thinking just how much more these people could achieve and what a massive difference these people could make if adequately funded, the rest is history……

Published on Monday 1st October 2012


Three Peaks, 11 out of 10,

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