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Celebrity Chef 'Peter Sidwell' and Studio North serve up some much needed Northern Warmth at our Drop-in –Christmas 2012

Peter Sidwell

Instead of sending a traditional Christmas greeting to clients, Studio North came up with an ingenious idea to help raise awareness, funds and also provide a nutritious meal at our drop-in.

Northern Warmth from Studio North on Vimeo.

They decided to produce their own soup, which could be prepared and then served at our drop-in by Studio North staff. They then aimed to make a short film about the soup and our drop-in with the aim of raising awareness and funds for Barnabus.
All of this captured the imagination of TV Chef Peter Sidwell and judge of Britain’s Best Bakery. He generously offered to create a bespoke Northern Warmth recipe and delighted everyone when he decided to join staff to prepare and make the soup at our kitchen in the drop-in.
The soup and rolls (kindly donated by Warburton’s) were enjoyed later on that day by approx 70 homeless and vulnerable people. Peter Sidwell and Studio North Staff stayed on in the evening to serve and volunteer at our Drop-in; there was a lot of excitement as people enjoyed the delicious soup and had the chance to meet a celebrity.

Studio North also approached Lunchbrakes who agreed to make the same soup ,which they then sold and delivered to their customers in the city centre, donating all of the profits to the appeal.

At the end of this Studio North produced a website which supported a viral campaign. This was sent out to all their clients over Christmas appealing for donations for Barnabus. Click on the website to see a short film featuring Peter Sidwell and Studio North Staff at our drop-in. You can also download the recipe for the exclusively made Northern Warmth Soup. The appeal raised a heart-warming £700.00.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


Peter Sidwell, Britain’s Best Bakery, Studio North, Warburton’s

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