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Andrew Lydiatt and Sara Jennings
Andrew Lydiatt and Sara Jennings, Diversity Travel

Diversity Travel – over a year of monthly donations

Every month, the company’s 70 members of staff respond to Barnabus’ call for a particular item. Last year we started by donating 81 beans towards their cooked breakfast and the following month we gave over 100 toiletries as part of our commitment to support us as a local charity, staff at the Manchester-based travel management company collected 116 deodorants, bottles of shampoo, bars of soap and shower gel. Recently we've donated sugar, tea, milk, biscuits, pot noodles, tinned food and clothing.

Hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people go to Barnabus for help every week. Diversity’s donation will be used by some of them, who use the drop-in centre to shower after a night sleeping outside.

Diversity Travel specialises in arranging travel for clients in the charity and not-for-profit sector. They have chosen to support us as a local charity for 2013-2014, as part of their social responsibility strategy.

Carol Price, Development Manager writes “ We’re so thankful for Diversity Travel’s commitment and generosity to support us month by month, with fresh appeals for items that we regularly give out and need. The number of people who are sleeping rough on our streets is sadly very much on the increase. Diversity Travel – over a year of monthly donationsProviding hot showers, clothing and a cooked breakfast are some of the many ways that we can help restore some dignity and wellbeing into the lives of men and women in need. The items donated by staff at Diversity Travel and other supporters like them, help us to provide support to people caught in the devastating trap of poverty and homelessness”.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


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