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Celebrating 10 Years at our Drop-in with a week of Activities

This year was the 10th anniversary of the Beacon and to celebrate we held a week of activities at our Drop-in. Friends, Staff and volunteers were all encouraged to join in. These included acrylic painting, creative writing, cookery, music sessions and singing. We're so thankful to everyone who came in to lead these sessions¹

During the music session everyone recorded a small sound on to a loop recording system, we were all amazed at how good it sounded. We were also entertained with some of Hannah's own compositions which were awesome praise songs.

During the creative writing class we were all given a sherbet lemon sweet and asked first to look at it, feel it, smell it and finally taste it. This evoked memories of child hood and lots of discussion and laughter about how much bigger and better sweets were in days gone by. While we were considering all this we were writing down adjectives (you won't believe how many there are to describe a sweet). It is amazing how something so small and insignificant can be used to encourage some very good pieces of writing.

Some undiscovered talent came out during the acrylic painting sessions (see photo of canvasses) and the finished articles have been used in a flower festival at St. John's Church.

During the week we had many laughs, lots of cakes, pizza and jellies and most importantly all our friends who attended went away feeling happier and proud of their achievements. God is amazing and awesome and his work here comes in many forms.

Michael (pictured proudly wearing a chef's hat) writes;

We had special events all week, we had a creative writing session; we wrote writing stories about lemon sweets. We had a music day; in the morning a lady came and played the keyboard. It was a brilliant show. In the afternoon we all had a singsong. Thursday was cooking; I chopped up the meat and the vegetables. We let it cook for an hour. All of us had dinner. It was a good day for us all. Friday we had a painting session. I painted a picture of a church and the windmill. I had a really good week. Thank you to everybody at Barnabus can we do this every week, I enjoyed it all.

Michael Swanbank.

¹Our thanks to Hannah Latty, Beverley from Back on Track, Catherine Nagle, Steve Best and Annette Hewitson for such an awesome week of taster sessions, we hope to do many more.

Published on Monday 20th September 2010


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