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Knock Out donation from Evander Holyfield & Ricky Hatton, October 2013

Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank Barry

Global Village Champions Foundation, founder Yank Barry and former World Champions Evander Holyfield and Ricky Hatton deliver a knock out donation of food and visit our drop-in

On Friday the 4th October like so many other days we served a cooked breakfast to around 37 homeless and vulnerable people in need, but this day wasn’t just another day, there was a new anticipation and excitement in the drop-in, Evander Holyfield 5 times former Undisputed World Champion was actually coming to our drop-in!

Watch the Granada Reports interview at our drop-in with Evander Holyfield and Ricky Hatton

And there’s more, when the day came our very own Ricky Hatton, MBE and former World Champion UK boxer, surprised all of us and just turned up out of the blue to support the work of the foundation, meet with Evander and support our work, it was absolutely amazing!

Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank BarryThe Barnabus team knew Evander was due to visit but because of his popularity we didn’t shout it from the roof tops - we truly wanted to give the guys we support a chance and opportunity to meet him.

Evander Holyfield is now an ambassador for The Global Village Champions Foundation (GVC). Evander has been on a 2013 tour of the UK attending speaking engagements and during his spare time he has been visiting UK homeless and poverty related charities, in the hope that he can raise awareness of worthwhile causes. Philanthropist, humanitarian and Nobel Prize Nominee Yank Barry is the founder of (GVC) he set up the foundation in 1995 with his long time friend Muhammad Ali with the mission of providing humanitarian relief and working toward a day without hunger. To date the non profit foundation has provided nearly a billion meals to the hungry around the world.

Praise God we were selected to receive donations of food for our drop-in. Evander and Yank arrived with their support team and a van load of food. Volunteers and the men and women who come into our drop-in formed a line on Bloom Street to pass supplies along as Evander and Ricky emptied the van. Many of our guys were able to have their photo taken with Evander and Ricky and had a once in a lifetime chance to chat with them.

Please find the following quotes from Evander, Ricky, Yank and visitors to our drop-in courtesy of the Manchester Evening News

Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank BarryEvander Holyfield: “We are travelling all around the world doing projects like this. I have a warm feeling from doing this – nobody chooses their parents, their colour, the place where they start. “I started at the bottom and someone helped me. So if you don’t forget your humble beginnings you have a reason for that. It thrills me to be able to give back. I try to explain that to my kids.“I’m honoured to be here – Manchester has given me a very warm reception. It’s good to see Ricky. Sometimes people think all we do is fight but we also work hard together.”

Ricky Hatton: “It’s heartbreaking that some people have to live without enough food. Life has dealt them a bad hand. It’s up to the people in a position to be able to help like myself. “It’s an absolute inspiration to meet these people here today and it’s great to be able to help out in Manchester, this is where my roots are. Many of these people have nowhere to sleep and they still manage to find happiness, that’s amazing.”

Yank Barry: “Food poverty is a devastating problem. We have noticed that people who three years ago were donors are now standing in line to be recipients of food.“We are looking at rough times ahead and help is vital.”

Anthony Stocks, who is currently homeless, said: “I use this centre more or less daily and at the end of the day they are the best charity I know – we’ve got nothing and they help us”.

Derrick Whittaker,added: “Food poverty is a real problem and it’s getting worse. Days like this give us hope.”

To read the full article in the MEN click here and to read an in depth interview with Evander in the Mail on Sunday click here


Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank BarryWe want to send a special thank you to Evander, Yank, Ricky and to all of the support team for an absolutely unforgettable day. We’re so thankful for the generous support of The Global Village Champions Foundation and for the incredible work they do fighting poverty around the world. We’re also thankful for the awareness this high profile visit has brought and for the TV and press who reported on it. Sadly homelessness is an increasing problem, as is poverty in the UK and around the world and we all need to work together to fight it. Thank you also to the men and women who were willing to be filmed or interviewed at our drop-in. We thank God for this gift of food and pray it will bless many people, we also pray the work of the Global Village Champions Foundation and everyone connected with it will be blessed.

Thank you is too small a word, it was a knock-out visit for all of us and the Real Deal!

You can support our work by donating to our Brick Appeal, we see between 500-600 visits every week and drastically need to extend our drop-in to suit the growing numbers and needs of homeless people so we can offer broader and more effective support.

Could you help our appeal www.justgiving.com/brickappeal





Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton, The Global Village Champions Foundation

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