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Day out at the Beach - Southport Trip, July 2013

Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank Barry

We’ve been blessed with a beautiful summer and as a treat for our allotment group, our collaborative allotment host and supporting church ‘The Church of the Nazarene’ put on a fantastic day trip to the beach.

Diego, one of the ministers of the church, helps run the allotment with us and it was his idea for the church to bless our group with a day out. The sky was blue and the sun was most definitely shining as we took our places on the minibus taking everything we might need for a day at the seaside. It was so exciting to be at the beach together; we rolled out the picnic rugs and blankets for a chilled out lunch in the sun. Some of the group played football, while others sunbathed or went in search of the sea, which if you know Southport, is a long way out! Not only did we paddle in the sea, we also managed to find a shipwreck.

Everyone had a brilliant day and we finished off with a “must have” beach day experience of traditional fish and chips.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


Southport, Beach

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