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Woman’s Weekly Knitting Challenge – July - 14th September, 2013

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Update: Woman’s Weekly launched a reader appeal encouraging readers to knit hats for the homeless. What followed was nothing short of astounding, over 5,000 hats came in from the UK, Germany, Spain and as far away as Australia. During the appeal we were invited to have a stand at the Woman’s Weekly Live Show and met readers who had come especially to deliver their hand knitted hats. Many of the hats had been sent in with personal messages of hope and concern for the homeless. It was also humbling to receive hats from elderly ladies, who despite having conditions such as Alzheimer’s and failing eyesight, persevered to create beautiful and lovingly made hats. Thank you to everyone who joined in with the appeal. The hats are being given out not just to the people we see but also to other homeless charities

Update: We’re excited to announce that Woman’s Weekly have invited Barnabus to have our own stand within the Woman’s Weekly Live show at Event City (near the Trafford centre) from Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th September.

We really hope you can come along to the event and visit us on our stand. We have all been amazed at the response from readers and supporter. Woman’s Weekly have received around 1,200 hats so far, many of them have been sent with personal messages of hope and concern for the homeless. Hat’s have come in from all over the UK and even as far reaching as Australia, Germany and Spain!

We are going to decorate our stand with as many of the beautiful knitted hats as possible and Barnabus staff and volunteers will be on hand each day to receive your knitted hats and answer any questions that you may have about Barnabus and our work with the Homeless. We’re very excited about this event and so thankful to have the support of Woman’s Weekly and their readers, we very much look forward to seeing you at the show.

We will happily receive your knitted hats on the day, If however you are unable to come along, you can still send your hats by post to: Mary Bird, Barnabus Hats, Woman’s Weekly, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU.

The postal closing date for hats is 6 September 2013

Join Woman’s Weekly magazine readers’ latest knitting challenge and knit warm hats for the homeless in Manchester, in time for winter.

The Woman’s Weekly team are in Manchester from the 12th – 14th September for the Woman’s Weekly Live at Event City, Manchester. They contacted us because they heard about our work in the City and thought it would be great to launch a challenge which would coincide with the show and support the homeless in Manchester.

You may have a knitting pattern of your own that you want to use, but if you’d like some inspiration for your hat, you can buy the Woman’s Weekly knitting special on sale 2 July to 30 July priced £4.00 or alternatively the weekly edition cover dated 16 July. Issues include patterns and a full feature on this challenge.

Woman’s Weekly have also included a a free pattern which is available on their website

If you’re planning to come to Woman’s Weekly Live, in Manchester this September, please do bring a hat or two with you: just take them along to the Woman’s Weekly booking office.

If you are unable to attend the show, please send your knitted hat(s) by post to: Mary Bird, Barnabus Hats, Woman’s Weekly, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU.

The postal closing date for hats is 6 September 2013

Spread the word, tell your friends twitter @BarnabusMCR and facebook

In recent year’s Woman’s Weekly knitters have knitted cat blankets and toy mice for Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s home and even knitted 3.2km of bunting to help set a Guiness World Record.

Woman’s Weekly editor, Diane Kenwood says: “Our readers are fanatical about knitting and passionate about working for good causes so we are confident that they will embrace this challenge and knit warm hats for the homeless this winter. As we are going to be in Manchester for Woman’s Weekly Live in September, we wanted to work with a local charity and the work that St Barnabus does, providing support to the vulnerable and homeless people all over Manchester seemed like an excellent cause for us to get behind.”

Woman’s Weekly Live was launched in 2012, and this year the event is set to be even bigger with a collection of fun events, lively demonstrations and great practical advice that will bring Woman’s Weekly to life. A series of workshops and demonstration theatres will also be run by the Woman’s Weekly editorial team, as well as experts from Create and Craft and Deramores. In addition, there will be fantastic catwalk shows showcasing the latest clothes from Isme.

To view a recent online news article about the event click on the following link

Published on Friday 14th September 2012


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