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A beautiful break away from the streets - Tatton Park Day Out, July 2013

Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton & Yank Barry

A student called Martyna joined us on a paid placement scheme through Salford University. This was made possible by a charity called UnLtd, which among other things funds a number of paid placements for award winners to work with social enterprises and charities to gain experience. They support students and graduates who have a passion and an idea to make a difference in their community. Martyna blessed us with valuable support over the summer, helping us in particular with some of our foreign language speaking men and women due to her ability to converse in different languages. During her placement, Martyna thought of extra ways that she could support our work. She met with her Student Enterprise Officer and they came up with the idea of applying for funds for ‘A Day Out of the Streets’. They were successfully awarded £250 in funding to pay for this day trip.

Martyna writes: “The whole of July this year was extremely and unusually hot. For this reason we decided to organise a day trip away from the city and chose to visit Tatton Park in Cheshire. Monday 29th July was hot and sunny, but also stormy with downpours of rain and thunder. The weather was just perfect for an adventurous trip. We set off from Barnabus with Annette driving the mini bus. A takeaway breakfast was very kindly donated by Prêt a Manger and we started out on our journey. Tatton Park was so beautiful. Everyone enjoyed the Italian and Japanese gardens; spotting big fish and discovering amazing plants in the green houses. We also had a lot of fun trying to find the centre of the maze.

We had a lovely lunch in the Tatton park visitor’s cafe; baked potatoes and scones with butter and cream, ooh and the coffee tasted amazing! The purpose of this trip was to let the homeless people enjoy a different environment, escaping from their usual daily experiences. The contact with nature relaxed them and let them disengage from their problems and extreme life conditions for at least one day. Everybody loved it and appreciated the time “out”.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


Tatton Park, Day out from the Streets

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