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Barnabus welcomes a New EEU Support Worker, July 2013

Our work with homeless people is continually expanding, we are meeting people that are homeless and also those at risk of homelessness. In addition we receive referrals from the charity; Shelter, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the DHSS as well as other supporting agencies.

Another area of support which has also increased, is our work with Eastern European Nationals (EEU). Until recently we’ve struggled to offer the best support due to language barriers (we’ve been relying on Google translate and the generosity of some translators). So it’s not surprising that we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our new EEU support worker Darina Hladka. Darina can converse in many different languages, it’s wonderful to hear her talking with people in their own language, facilitating support and breaking through into their area of need.
Peter Green writes:

Many of the EEU people we see have left their family and homes behind in the hope of establishing a better life for them and family here in the UK unfortunately the reality is very different from the dream and many end up homeless. Modern day slavery and trafficking is also taking place, unscrupulous men are bringing people over with the false promise of work. When they arrive in the UK their passport and ID is taken from them and they are placed in unfit accommodation working on farms for little or no financial gain.

Barnabus welcomes a New EEU Support Worker, Darina HladkaDarina is doing a tremendous job, she often works with some of the most difficult cases as options for support; emergency housing, jobs, healthcare can be extremely limited. There have also been strict changes to the UK benefits effecting EEU migrant workers which may result in more people being evicted even while they are searching for work. We intend to offer help in any way that we can but we also work with other supporting agencies so that we can repatriate those who want to return home.

Darina writes; My name is Darina Hladka and I come from a small but nice country called Slovakia. I started working for Barnabus as a support worker in July this year. At home I worked as a teacher at a Secondary School. Last year I came to the UK and took part in the JVC (Jesuit Volunteer Community) programme. I was living in a community doing full time voluntary work for ten months. This is the way I met homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester. I am always touched by how much Jesus loved and loves the poor and people at the bottom of society. He always looked on them with a special love during his life on Earth. These people are struggling here and many have little or no experience of compassion in their lives, but Jesus wants them to know this and maybe this is why I feel called to do this work at Barnabus.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


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