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Street Soccer

Street Soccer began in October 2005 as a partnership between Barnabus and Manchester City Mission. It brought together the sports-based expertise of the Mission and the homeless community that Barnabus serves. Improving individual fitness and building a friendly team environment is key. Players are encouraged to attend regularly, be punctual and adhere to a code of conduct that sets the standard for behaviour for the whole squad (including the volunteers!).The team has had a number of successes including the Streets Games 5-a-side Champions and a special trophy for good sportsmanship. We cultivate a sense of family and the relationships built through Street Soccer provide the foundation for helping in other aspects of their life. We want them to realise their potential and leave behind the stigma of homelessness.

Street Soccer now operates in 5 boroughs and is in regular contact with 50 men of all ages. Some of them have gained FA Coaching Awards and are using their qualifications to work with marginalised children. It's incredibly encouraging to know that through the street Soccer project, they are now demonstrating hope and acting as positive role models.

Second photo of The Barnabus Street Soccer Team Playing Street Soccer Playing Street Soccer Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award